Unlocking Your Business Potential with Expert OTT App Developers

Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms are ideal for those seeking to engage global audiences and seamlessly deliver their video content. Whether you’re exploring video hosting platforms for business, contemplating the decision to build an OTT app or outsource, or in need of tailored OTT development services by experienced OTT app developers, understanding the intricacies—what you truly need and why—is crucial. This concise guide provides essential insights on the requirements to establish a sustainable and successful streaming service.

OTT App Developers: Crafting Digital Experiences 

When deliberating between outsourcing and building your own OTT platform, the choice may seem complex. However, we firmly advocate for outsourcing to experienced OTT app developers like Magine Pro, not just for financial efficiency but also to maintain a focus on your content, user acquisition, and marketing – all crucial elements for long-term streaming service success. 

Outsourcing offers numerous advantages, primarily the expertise of seasoned OTT app developers. These skilled professionals are instrumental in bringing your brand and vision to life, creating apps that resonate effectively with your target audience. The journey of developing an OTT app involves a strategic blend of creativity, technical finesse, and a deep understanding of user behaviour.

Within Magine Pro, our in-house team of developers boasts extensive experience in creating web and mobile apps tailored for diverse user platforms and devices. Originally developed for our own consumer service, the Magine Pro OTT platform stands as a testament to our proficiency, now serving as a catalyst for building successful streaming services for our customers.

Custom OTT Platform Development: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs 

Custom OTT platform development is a game-changer in a competitive streaming market. It allows for the creation of a tailored streaming service that aligns precisely with your brand and content objectives. OTT development services are an integral component when outsourcing the build of a streaming service to an experienced OTT platform provider like Magine Pro. This ensures your service not only stands out but can also deliver immersive experiences that captivate your audience.

Here at Magine Pro, we’ve developed a comprehensive web-based CMS Console that enables you to independently curate and manage your Magine Pro-powered video streaming service. Craft an immersive user interface that showcases your entertainment content and highlights your brand. Moreover, you have the flexibility to enrich your streaming service further with unique features and widgets, increasing audience engagement and enabling effective churn management.

Choosing the Right OTT Development Company: A Strategic Partnership 

Selecting the right OTT development company is akin to forging a strategic partnership. It’s not just about creating an online video streaming service; it’s about collaborating with experts who comprehend your business goals. A reliable OTT platform development company brings not only technical expertise but also a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of the digital streaming landscape. 

With an extensive history in OTT and a robust presence in both the consumer and business-to-business markets, Magine Pro is poised to equip you with the technology, tools, and insights necessary to launch a thriving online video streaming service and foster sustainable business growth. Contact us and speak to a member of the Magine Pro team to leverage our wealth of experience alongside our proven technology.

Streaming Platforms for Business: Elevating Content Delivery 

Video hosting solutions provide businesses across all sectors with the opportunity to centralise and monetise their video content, effectively engaging and expanding their audience and market reach. At Magine Pro, we specialise in crafting video streaming services for diverse businesses, encompassing telcos, broadcasters, content owners, and beyond. 

Our expertise extends to creating specialised streaming services tailored for live events or niche Video-On-Demand (VOD) catalogues. Explore our wealth of experience and case studies for deeper insights into how our OTT Platform has empowered our customers to establish thriving OTT businesses globally.


Keen to find out more? Get in touch with our experienced team for further guidance on how leveraging OTT can transform your business. If you’re still deciding between building a custom service or opting for a managed platform, explore a recent panel discussion featuring Magine Pro CEO, Matthew Wilkinson, titled ‘Building an OTT Video Service – Custom Build or Managed Service’ held at IBC this September.

Discover more about our flexible OTT platform and how we enable our customers to monetise their live events, linear and VOD content. Visit our blog for additional insights and download our free white papers and ebooks.


Magine Pro powers FlixOlé’s OTT partnership with Telefonica’s Movistar Plus+


Press release

Stockholm, December 14, 2022

Magine Pro powers FlixOlé’s OTT partnership with
Telefonica’s Movistar Plus+

FlixOlé, a major Spanish streaming service recently announced an expansion to their direct to consumer offering in partnership with Telefonica’s pay TV Movistar Plus+. Magine Pro in collaboration with FlixOlé and Telefonica, developed a custom set-top-box application for use on Movistar’s 4 Million Households.

Magine Pro has been the technology partner to Spanish movie streamer FlixOlé since its inception in 2018, delivering the end to end OTT platform & applications. Since the launch, the technical operation has involved other distribution and integration with partners such as CaixaBank, El Corte Inglés, Orange and Amazon Prime. This new integration with Movistar+ is by far the most advanced.

In addition to the FlixOlé set-top-box application, the integration also involves metadata integration, providing a unified search experience through the Movistar Plus+ platforms, and direct billing through the Movistar Plus+ Service, allowing Movistar Plus+ users to pay for the FlixOlé service through their Movistar Account.

“The main objective of the Magine Pro OTT platform is to be able to scale our partners’ services into successful growth. FlixOlé is a great example of this”, says Matthew Wilkinson, CEO of Magine. “The service has been very successful growing organically, taking the service step by step with additional distribution partners. The Movistar Plus+ integration is also an important step for us as a SaaS OTT platform, being able to take our partners into the most advanced integrations when they grow.”

“Magine Pro has been our close partner since we started our service and cooperation has made it easier for us to focus on content, marketing and distribution” says Sophie de Mac Mahon, CEO of FlixOlé. “They are key to our success, and we look forward to presenting the FlixOlé service to the Movistar Plus+ subscribers in the coming months thanks to this integration.”

About FlixOlé in Movistar Plus+
In step one the FlixOlé service will be available to Movistar Plus+ customers all over Spain equipped with a UHD decoder, by signing in or signing up through QR code to the website. In the next phase in coming months, new customers will be able to sign up for FlixOlé directly through the Movistar Plus+ platform.
The subscription service has a large library of Spanish movies including movies from directors such as José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Benito Perojo, Jaime de Armiñán, Juan A. Bardem, Luis Buñuel, Luis Gª Berlanga and Mariano Ozores as well as more recent titles from the likes of Álex de la Iglesia, Icíar Bollaín, Alejandro Amenábar, Carlos Saura, Gracia Querejeta, Isabel Coixet, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and Fernando León de Aranoa, alongside popular genres such as the quinqui cinema (cinema of delinquency) of the late ‘70s and ‘80s. The service also includes an extensive archive of RKO films including works by Orson Welles, Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock as well as westerns and European films, including classics of Italian post-war cinema.

About Magine Pro
Magine Pro is the platform for b2b managed services for OTT, which enables global and local content owners, broadcasters and telcos to build thriving OTT businesses with live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are proven, cost-efficient and scalable. Magine Pro’s customers are located in Europe and the United States, as well as in emerging markets.


For more information please contact
Håkan Tranvik, VP Communications, Magine +46709383293, hakan.tranvik@magine.com
Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine matthew.wilkinson@magine.com
Luke Boyle, CCO Magine luke.boyle@magine.com

Rodieo Play TV joins Magine Pro platform for SVOD Rodeo and Equestrian Sports

R2P TV joins the Magine Pro OTT platform for Rodeo and Equestrian Sports SVOD

Rodeio Play, Ride2Play, and TV Vaquejada are the largest platforms in Brazil for live Rodeo and equestrian sporting events with a large, loyal, and passionate audience. The three services are now joining forces and entering an agreement with Magine Pro as the technology partner to launch a new OTT service, ‘R2P TV’. The joint venture focuses on integrating live equestrian sports content into a single platform available via multi-screen devices, including big-screen TVs and mobile devices.

Magine Pro’s CEO, Matthew Wilkinson says of the technology partnership, “We are very happy to be a part of this extraordinary service that will offer Rodeo and equestrian fans a completely unique offer on the TV screen to the Brazil audience. This partnership is also an example of Magine Pro’s new growing foot print in Latin America with other Latin American services being being launched on our platform in coming months”

The R2P TV service will be available in the coming months to audiences across Brazil via subscription on web, mobile devices that support iOS and Android platforms, and big-screen viewing via Apple TV and Samsung TV.

The service is set to feature quality rodeo and equestrian sports content from Rodeio Play, TV Vaquejada and Ride2Play. Directors Roberto Ugolini Neto, Rodrigo Morais, and Agripino Leal say, “We are extremely happy to develop this pioneering project in Brazil, integrating all three services.”

R2P TV subscribers will be able to watch classic equestrian, barrel races, team penning, ranch sorting, reins (dressage), and Vaquejada – a popular sport from the northern region of Brazil that has garnered more than 42 million online views in the last six months.

About R2P TV 

The partnership between Rodeio Play, Ride2Play, and TV Vaquejada hails the launch of R2P TV.  R2P TV is a new digital streaming service hosted on Magine Pro’s OTT platform and will offer subscribers exclusive access to full-length live equestrian sports broadcasts.

The founding concept of the R2P TV service is to bring passionate fans of equestrian sports together on a single platform that guarantees quality live content to audiences across Brazil.

About Magine Pro (www.maginepro.com/about)

Magine Pro is the platform for b2b managed services for OTT, which enables global and local content owners, broadcasters and telcos to build thriving OTT businesses with live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are proven, cost-efficient and scalable.

Magine Pro’s customers are located in Europe and the United States, as well as in emerging markets.


For more information please contact

Håkan Tranvik, VP Communications, Magine hakan.tranvik@magine.com +46709383293  (will attend MIpcom for meetings and interviews)

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine matthew.wilkinson@magine.com

Luke Boyle, CCO Magine luke.boyle@magine.com

Guillermo Magana, Sales Director Latin America guillermo.magana@magine.com +1 818 253 9906

Strategic partnerships & growth in OTT

Our latest white paper explores how strategic partnerships provide avenues for growth in OTT. The white paper features an industry report by Omdia, alongside insights from Magine Pro partners who share their experiences on how partnerships have improved their service discoverability, acquisition and growth.

Omdia’s recent report, which features as part of the white paper, highlights why partnerships are key to delivering sufficient online video growth and, specifically, the impact of bundling and aggregation partnerships with the likes of telcos and Pay-TV operators. But what does that mean for smaller niche players, or even new market entrants, who are only beginning to build a foundation within the market?

At Magine Pro, we believe partnerships of all kinds can benefit discoverability, acquisition and growth, including well-considered brand partnerships. For smaller niche players, brand partnerships that support their marketing efforts can considerably impact growth and even long-term market ambitions. Omdia also highlighted the benefits of brand partnerships within the report, stating, ‘Partnering with other industry-related brands and operators has the potential to elevate marketing efforts, increase audience reach and extend costs further.’

Collaborating with other brands can be essential to most marketing strategies, and partnerships should be entered into based on relevance to a streaming service, content and most importantly, potential audience. In our white paper, Advancing OTT audience capture: how strategic partnerships provide avenues for growth, we share what we believe to be key considerations when choosing a brand partner, including:


Collaborate with industry-relevant companies, particularly those with comparable brand values and established audiences.


A partnership should expand your audience reach. To benefit from the collaboration, you may share similar target audiences but preferably different markets.


Do your goals align? Be clear on what you’re hoping to achieve from the partnership to create and execute a successful campaign.


Consider whether there are opportunities to run cross-promotional campaigns that involve expanding marketing efforts, reach, creativity and costs.


Keep your existing audience in mind. Will this partnership add value for your customers? And be clear in your customer communications about how the partnership benefits them.



Download the white paper now to learn more about strategic partnerships in OTT. You can also watch the accompanying webinar, Why partnerships are key to delivering online video growth, on-demand. Join Magine Pro, Omdia, and Paus for an open discussion around Omdia’s research into aggregation. The webinar speakers also explore the benefits and experiences of brand partnerships for streaming services.

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paus partners with Raindance Film Festival & offers access to incredible films

Magine Pro’s partner paus has partnered with the Raindance Film Festival this year to enable award-winning filmmakers the opportunity to premiere their work on the paus service. 

The partnership means paus users can now discover over 200 unique films in a series of 24-hour windows during the run-up to the Raindance Film Festival (between 27th October – 6th November 2021). And once the festival ends, the films will be available to stream for the rest of 2021, giving the filmmakers the opportunity to receive tips from fans, friends and family all over the world.

The founder of Raindance, Elliot Grove, said of the exciting collaboration, “Raindance is always on the lookout for innovation and constructive disruption. For Paus, a company that strives to end unfavourable algorithms and intrusive paywalls from independent film, this is a truly remunerative and meaningful partnership”.

paus is an online streaming platform dedicated entirely to independent film and is available via web, iOS, and Android apps. The streaming service is uniquely powered by tips, which means there are no subscriptions, adverts, or set payments for the audience. Instead, viewers can choose to tip filmmakers any amount, at any time. 

Rishi Kapoor, founder and CEO of paus said of the exciting opportunity for Raindance filmmakers, “At Paus, we are excited to elevate the nominees to an even wider audience and help facilitate them in monetising their fanbase in the most seamless way possible. Paus’ global reach with our dedicated community of independent film enthusiasts are thrilled to gain exclusive access to the rich selection of work submitted to the Raindance festival.”

To find out more about paus and its partnership with Raindance, head over to paus.tv. In our case study, you can also learn more about how Magine Pro enabled paus to launch their unique streaming service.

We also recently spoke with paus, founder and CEO, Rishi Kapoor, for an insight into the inspiration behind paus and what impact its unique tipping feature has had on subscriber growth. Check out a snippet of the Q&A here, or download our latest white paper, OTT Discovery: How to stand out amongst the crowd to read the full story.