Draken Film to host the Göteborg Film Festival 2022 online

The Nordic region’s largest film festival, Göteborg Film Festival, is set to return this year between 28th January – 6th February in cinemas and online through their digital service, Draken Film, hosted on the Magine Pro platform.

Due to the pandemic, last year’s 2021 edition of the Film Festival became an almost exclusively digital event. At the time, we spoke with Olle Agebro, Head of Acquisition at Draken Film, about the pandemic’s impact on the annual Göteborg Film Festival and the challenges and opportunities they faced pivoting the festival from a traditional event to a digital one for the first time. You can get more insight into planning and project by reading our full interview with Olle here

In this year’s announcement of the hybrid festival experience, Mirja Wester, CEO of Göteborg Film Festival, said, “After a shaky year, to say the least, it feels fantastic to be able to once again welcome the audience back into the cinemas. However, due to the enormous impact of last year’s digital edition on visitors in all Swedish municipalities, we will focus on developing both physical and digital meeting spaces between films and audiences in 2022. We are now designing the format of the film festival for the future”.

The flexibility of Magine Pro’s OTT platform has enabled Göteborg Film Festival to extend Draken Film’s capabilities to serve as a digital host in 2021 and again in 2022. The festival launches on a dedicated page across all devices within the Draken Film service, with a well-curated selection of over 50 films available to stream. Online visitors will also have access to exclusive interviews, festival atmosphere and digital meetings with filmmakers. And to recreate the atmosphere of a festival premiere for the audience watching from home, three new films will premiere in parallel every day, both in the cinemas (16 screens around Gothenburg) and on Draken Film.

As part of this year’s theme for the festival, Disorder, Göteborg Film Festival will also invite audiences during three exclusive screenings to be hypnotized. The Hypnotic Cinema is a unique experiment involving a hypnotist performing mass hypnosis to transform the audience’s state of mind according to the mood and theme of the specific film. After the screening, the hypnotist will break the hypnosis and examine what happens with the film experience if you dare to lose control over your consciousness by being hypnotized.

This isn’t the first time, Göteborg Film Festival has explored some unusual social experiments. For example, during last years festival, a Swedish nurse spent a week watching the festival isolated in a lighthouse in the North Sea. And in 2019, some audience members could participate in ‘coffin screenings‘, which involved watching films inside a locked sarcophagus.

To find out more about Göteborg Film Festival 2022 online and in-person festival, including details about The Hypnotic Cinema and Draken Film, head here. You can also learn more about how Magine Pro has enabled Draken Film to serve as a digital host for Göteborg Film Festival online here.

paus partners with Raindance Film Festival & offers access to incredible films

Magine Pro’s partner paus has partnered with the Raindance Film Festival this year to enable award-winning filmmakers the opportunity to premiere their work on the paus service. 

The partnership means paus users can now discover over 200 unique films in a series of 24-hour windows during the run-up to the Raindance Film Festival (between 27th October – 6th November 2021). And once the festival ends, the films will be available to stream for the rest of 2021, giving the filmmakers the opportunity to receive tips from fans, friends and family all over the world.

The founder of Raindance, Elliot Grove, said of the exciting collaboration, “Raindance is always on the lookout for innovation and constructive disruption. For Paus, a company that strives to end unfavourable algorithms and intrusive paywalls from independent film, this is a truly remunerative and meaningful partnership”.

paus is an online streaming platform dedicated entirely to independent film and is available via web, iOS, and Android apps. The streaming service is uniquely powered by tips, which means there are no subscriptions, adverts, or set payments for the audience. Instead, viewers can choose to tip filmmakers any amount, at any time. 

Rishi Kapoor, founder and CEO of paus said of the exciting opportunity for Raindance filmmakers, “At Paus, we are excited to elevate the nominees to an even wider audience and help facilitate them in monetising their fanbase in the most seamless way possible. Paus’ global reach with our dedicated community of independent film enthusiasts are thrilled to gain exclusive access to the rich selection of work submitted to the Raindance festival.”

To find out more about paus and its partnership with Raindance, head over to paus.tv. In our case study, you can also learn more about how Magine Pro enabled paus to launch their unique streaming service.

We also recently spoke with paus, founder and CEO, Rishi Kapoor, for an insight into the inspiration behind paus and what impact its unique tipping feature has had on subscriber growth. Check out a snippet of the Q&A here, or download our latest white paper, OTT Discovery: How to stand out amongst the crowd to read the full story.