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White paper

Go big or stay small?

Discover why the Smart TV experience is essential for the future of online streaming services. White Paper by Magine Pro, 2023

White Paper

Advancing OTT audience capture

How strategic partnerships can benefit OTT. Featuring original research by Omdia and more. White paper by Magine Pro, 2022

eBook | Film OTT

The ultimate guide to launching a successful film-focused streaming service


OTT Discovery:

How to stand out amongst the crowd

What can new streaming services do to cut through the noise? Featuring original research by Omdia. White paper by Magine Pro, 2021

Thematic OTT services: The Facts

Infographic PDF by Magine Pro, 2020

Webinar: An exclusive expert chat

OTT Video Delivery: Industry experts share experience & best practices

Webinar by Magine Pro & AWS, 2020

Thematic services: the future of OTT?

Explore the rise of thematic OTT services, including the opportunities and challenges they face

White paper by Magine Pro, 2020

8 Steps to launch

Marketing tips & tactics to convert leads into loyal subscribers

eBook by Magine Pro, 2019

Turn your content into cash

How to build a profitable OTT business

White paper by Magine Pro, August 2018

The key to building
a successful OTT business

White paper by Magine, October 2017

Whose view is it anyway; Is the future of TV Direct?

Guy Bisson, Research Director, Ampere Analysis, March 2016