Marketing & Analytics

Increase audience engagement & manage churn

Audience Engagement

We understand how important marketing is to the growth and success of your OTT business. So, we provide the tools you need to engage and successfully communicate campaigns with your subscribers. Find out more about how you can enrich your streaming service using features and widgets:

Diversify revenue opportunities with a targeted e-commerce experience that matches your content.

Promote content & marketing campaigns with in-app dynamic banners and OS notifications.

Challenge your community in a participative way with interactive games & quizzes to improve user engagement.

Collect feedback to improve your catalogue & also provide valuable feedback to users.
Exclusive Content

Provide exclusive contextual information & build community loyalty around your content.
Sports Fan Engagement

Boost sports fan engagement by integrating sports data feeds into your service.

Manage & Target Users

Get to know your users with customizable sign-up forms so you can send targeted messaging regarding new content and relevant campaigns. You can also manage and segment users within the Magine Pro CMS Console to ensure content is only accessible to qualified users.

Marketing Campaigns

Build awareness around your content and boost user engagement via the Magine Pro Console. Communicate targeted campaigns, content and special promotions via web and mobile apps, alongside user subscription updates and receipts. We integrate with:

Essential Analytics

Get access to all important user data, enabling you to manage churn & make smart business decisions fast. Independently review service usage data and operational analytics:
Review media consumption to help inform future content acquisition and production decisions
Build custom KPI dashboards to track users and behaviour

OTT Platform

We won’t just help you get up and running with the tech, we can also advise and support you as your OTT service continues to grow and expand into new markets. Leverage our years of experience and data to build a truly successful OTT business.

Learn more about our flexible OTT solutions and how we can help you successfully deliver your content to viewers around the world.