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Tailored streaming solutions & apps

Accelerate growth and reward your customers with a streaming service that complements your business and brand. Our flexible and robust streaming infrastructure empowers Telcos and ISPs to unlock new revenue streams and explore profitable video monetization models tailored to their content. By leveraging our platform's intuitive UX/UI design, you can deliver unparalleled experiences to your customers and captivate new audiences globally.

Seamless Ingestion & Delivery

Our versatile framework for content ingestion and delivery ensures seamless ingestion of live events and linear content via satellite, terrestrial, and public networks. Additionally, our CMS Console enables independent uploading of VOD assets. And our global distribution commitment ensures content accessibility on devices worldwide.

Data Driven

Our powerful analytics allows you to create KPI dashboards, track customer usage and engagement as well as define your content’s performance across devices. This enables you to effectively manage churn and make informed and agile business decisions.

Sustainable Revenue

Maximise your revenue potential by utilising our advanced billing features. Configure local currencies and implement flexible monetization models, including subscription, transactional, and advertising. Additionally, boost your revenue through broadcast grade SCTE35 Server Side Ad-Insertion.

Deep Integration

Leverage our robust platform and extensive capabilities via deep integration with our CRM system, billing engine, media workflows, and more. We streamline the entire setup, launch, and support with our industry expertise, ensuring effortless service operation and sustainable growth.


A Sappa branded TV everywhere solution that delivers their live and catch-up content to over 50,000 Swedish users.

Magine TV

Magine TV Germany migrated onto the Magine Pro platform to seamlessly deliver their linear channels and catch-up content to users across Germany.


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