Harnessing the Power of User Engagement Analytics in OTT: Top Tips for Success

User engagement analytics stands as a pivotal factor that can make or break the success of a streaming service. As market competition intensifies, understanding and leveraging data becomes increasingly crucial for OTT providers. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of user engagement analytics and provide our top tips to enhance user engagement in your service.

Understanding User Engagement Analytics

User engagement analytics involves analysing user interactions and behaviours within a streaming platform. These metrics go beyond simple viewer numbers and delve into user activities such as watch time, content preferences, device usage, and more. By harnessing the power of these analytics, streaming service providers can gain valuable insights that enable them to optimise content, enhance the user experience, and ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

Magine Pro Powered Analytics

Magine Pro’s CMS Console offers our customers a comprehensive view of user behaviour and service operations. Service providers can measure conversion rates to assess funnel health and the success of marketing campaigns, with dashboards providing insights into the performance of promotional campaigns and offers.

Moreover, our customers can delve into content and user engagement analytics, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding curation, content production, and acquisition strategies. Armed with these insights, providers can manually curate content based on its popularity, ensuring a more tailored and resonant viewer experience. The Console also delivers detailed information on viewing duration, geographic location, user demographics, and device metrics. This comprehensive data provides a clear and concise overview, facilitating more strategic decision-making for service providers. 

Magine Pro CMS Console Dashboards with User Engagement Analytics

Magine Pro CMS Console Dashboards

Top 3 Tips to Increase User Engagement

  1. Personalisation is Key
    Leverage user engagement analytics to create personalised content recommendations. By understanding user preferences, viewing history, and behaviour, providers can curate tailored content suggestions, making the user experience more enjoyable and increasing the likelihood of users staying engaged for longer periods.
  2. Optimise Content Discovery
    Enhance the discoverability of content through effective curation and recommendation algorithms. Utilise analytics to identify popular genres, trending topics, and user preferences. Leverage Magine Pro’s user-friendly service interfaces that make it easy for viewers to explore and find content that resonates with their interests.
  3. Seamless User Experience Across Devices
    Analyse user engagement across various devices to ensure a seamless and consistent experience. Understand how users switch between devices and optimise your service for multi-device usage. A seamless transition from mobile to smart TV or desktop not only enhances user satisfaction but also encourages prolonged engagement.


Harnessing the power of user engagement analytics can be a game-changer for streaming service providers. By understanding user behaviours, preferences, and interactions, providers can create a more personalised, seamless, and engaging experience for their audience. Implementing the top tips outlined in this post will not only enhance user satisfaction but also contribute to the long-term success of your OTT service in a rapidly evolving market.


Keen to find out more? Get in touch with our experienced team and learn more about user engagement analytics and how the Magine Pro CMS Console can help.

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Unlocking Your Business Potential with Expert OTT App Developers

Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms are ideal for those seeking to engage global audiences and seamlessly deliver their video content. Whether you’re exploring video hosting platforms for business, contemplating the decision to build an OTT app or outsource, or in need of tailored OTT development services by experienced OTT app developers, understanding the intricacies—what you truly need and why—is crucial. This concise guide provides essential insights on the requirements to establish a sustainable and successful streaming service.

OTT App Developers: Crafting Digital Experiences 

When deliberating between outsourcing and building your own OTT platform, the choice may seem complex. However, we firmly advocate for outsourcing to experienced OTT app developers like Magine Pro, not just for financial efficiency but also to maintain a focus on your content, user acquisition, and marketing – all crucial elements for long-term streaming service success. 

Outsourcing offers numerous advantages, primarily the expertise of seasoned OTT app developers. These skilled professionals are instrumental in bringing your brand and vision to life, creating apps that resonate effectively with your target audience. The journey of developing an OTT app involves a strategic blend of creativity, technical finesse, and a deep understanding of user behaviour.

Within Magine Pro, our in-house team of developers boasts extensive experience in creating web and mobile apps tailored for diverse user platforms and devices. Originally developed for our own consumer service, the Magine Pro OTT platform stands as a testament to our proficiency, now serving as a catalyst for building successful streaming services for our customers.

Custom OTT Platform Development: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs 

Custom OTT platform development is a game-changer in a competitive streaming market. It allows for the creation of a tailored streaming service that aligns precisely with your brand and content objectives. OTT development services are an integral component when outsourcing the build of a streaming service to an experienced OTT platform provider like Magine Pro. This ensures your service not only stands out but can also deliver immersive experiences that captivate your audience.

Here at Magine Pro, we’ve developed a comprehensive web-based CMS Console that enables you to independently curate and manage your Magine Pro-powered video streaming service. Craft an immersive user interface that showcases your entertainment content and highlights your brand. Moreover, you have the flexibility to enrich your streaming service further with unique features and widgets, increasing audience engagement and enabling effective churn management.

Choosing the Right OTT Development Company: A Strategic Partnership 

Selecting the right OTT development company is akin to forging a strategic partnership. It’s not just about creating an online video streaming service; it’s about collaborating with experts who comprehend your business goals. A reliable OTT platform development company brings not only technical expertise but also a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of the digital streaming landscape. 

With an extensive history in OTT and a robust presence in both the consumer and business-to-business markets, Magine Pro is poised to equip you with the technology, tools, and insights necessary to launch a thriving online video streaming service and foster sustainable business growth. Contact us and speak to a member of the Magine Pro team to leverage our wealth of experience alongside our proven technology.

Streaming Platforms for Business: Elevating Content Delivery 

Video hosting solutions provide businesses across all sectors with the opportunity to centralise and monetise their video content, effectively engaging and expanding their audience and market reach. At Magine Pro, we specialise in crafting video streaming services for diverse businesses, encompassing telcos, broadcasters, content owners, and beyond. 

Our expertise extends to creating specialised streaming services tailored for live events or niche Video-On-Demand (VOD) catalogues. Explore our wealth of experience and case studies for deeper insights into how our OTT Platform has empowered our customers to establish thriving OTT businesses globally.


Keen to find out more? Get in touch with our experienced team for further guidance on how leveraging OTT can transform your business. If you’re still deciding between building a custom service or opting for a managed platform, explore a recent panel discussion featuring Magine Pro CEO, Matthew Wilkinson, titled ‘Building an OTT Video Service – Custom Build or Managed Service’ held at IBC this September.

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Panel Discussion: Building an OTT video service

It’s no secret that the way we consume video content has drastically changed over the years. The popularity of online streaming services has increased significantly across the world. However, building an OTT video service is no easy feat, which is why it’s essential for operators and those considering launching a service to catch up on the free panel discussion ‘Building an OTT Video Service – Custom Build or Managed Service’ that took place at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam this September. 

During the panel discussion, Magine Pro’s CEO Matthew Wilkinson joined other industry experts to discuss the best approaches to launching an online video streaming service and tackling important questions such as, should you build a custom service, or opt for a managed service platform? Is it better to go with in-house development or outsource? The panelists offer valuable insights on each option and more. They  also explore the relevance of a hybrid approach for incumbent players, and the role of the CDN.


Moderated by Ian Nock, Vice Chair of IET Media, and features the following industry experts:

  • Matthew Wilkinson, CEO at Magine Pro
  • Manish Sinha, VP, and Business Head of OTT Solutions & Services at TO THE NEW
  • François Collobert, CDN Product Manager at Orange International Carriers

Want to learn more about how Magine Pro can help you build and launch a successful OTT business? Book a meeting with us and experience our OTT platform firsthand and gain valuable insights into how our robust and scalable streaming solutions can benefit you.

About Matthew Wilkinson, CEO at Magine Pro:

Matthew has over 18 years of experience in Telecom & IT, working with clients in the IT & Cloud, and Media Domains, with deep experience in software development & delivery, SaaS, and enterprise solutions, and previously held various leadership roles in strategy & delivery.

Email: matthew.wilkinson@magine.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewpwilkinson/


If you are keen to find out more about the panel session and/or our streaming solutions, get in touch with us today. We also have some useful insights and resources available on our blog and free to download white papers, ebooks and more.


Content Engagement Strategy: Why curation is key to reducing churn

A content engagement strategy will vastly improve user retention rates, which is critical for video streaming service operators where the cost of new customer acquisition is high.

Viewers who deem your streaming service and content engaging are much more likely to stick around and continue watching regularly. They are also inclined to share positive recommendations with their friends and family, leading to increased subscriber numbers and revenue. 

At its core, user engagement is about driving viewers’ active participation. For streaming service operators, this means creating a content engagement strategy that offers a wide variety of quality programming and actively encourages users to explore the full breadth of your video streaming service. 

Content Engagement & Curation

It’s not enough to simply rely on algorithms that recommend content based on a user’s past behaviour. To keep audiences coming back for more, streaming services need to offer a mix of content that appeals to users’ current interests and trends. Human curation can help bridge this gap by providing context and relevance that automated recommendations may lack.

At Magine Pro, we offer our partners the flexibility to curate their own content categories. Our partners can choose catchy and unique category names, decide what content appears in a category, and even how and where it is displayed in the service.

Manually curating content categories that are original and exclusive to your service is a fantastic way to promote discovery; here are a few of our top tips to get you started:


1. Review your user data and determine what types of content your viewers like to watch. This will help you build content categories that are more likely to resonate with your audience.


2. Create content categories that are seasonal and relevant to all users. Obvious choices include romance in February, horror during October, and family Christmas films during December, but also think outside the box and incorporate other important dates.


3. Create categories that are topical in response to current events. For example, you might want to consider building categories around well-known actors when their latest films are released in theatres.


4. Resurface older popular content from your library to fill new categories. This not only lets you make the most of your existing library but also helps keep the service discovery page fresh.


5. Based on user data, you can build categories that include the most-viewed content. People trust others’ opinions, and if they perceive content to be popular, they are more likely to engage with it.


There are countless other ways to increase content discovery and engagement in your streaming service. At Magine Pro, we offer a flexible OTT platform that can be customised according to your needs. And have a team of experienced experts on hand who can help you launch and grow your OTT business successfully. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you build and launch a successful OTT business, get in touch or book a meeting with the Magine Pro team today. 

For more tips on building a content engagement strategy, check out our white paper ‘OTT Discovery: How to stand out amongst the crowd‘ which explores what new streaming services can do to enhance service and content discovery. We also have some useful insights and resources available on our blog.


White Paper | Why the Smart TV experience is essential for OTT

Smart TV or Connected TV technology is changing how subscribers of online streaming services experience entertainment. Viewers are no longer confined to smaller mobile screens or need to necessarily invest in secondary devices such as set-top boxes or game consoles to watch and share content on the big screen at home. This makes having a presence on Smart TV platforms increasingly attractive for OTT operators.

The challenge lies in developing apps for Smart TVs, which require a specialised understanding of the technology and its various ecosystems. This can be a complex and daunting prospect for OTT service providers who may lack the expertise or resources to do so. That’s where Magine Pro steps in – we provide comprehensive solutions for TV apps, both native to Smart TVs and those that require secondary devices, that simplify the process for our partners.

In our latest white paper, ‘Go big or stay small? Why the Smart TV experience is essential for online streaming services’ we explore why Magine Pro is best positioned to help OTT operators capitalise on the big-screen experience, enabling them to reach more viewers and grow their OTT business. In addition, we discuss why offering native Smart TV apps is essential for online streaming services. We also dive into the complexities of building TV apps, including how we at Magine Pro can enable big screens for our partners and their end users. And share insights from one of our partners, Passionflix founder Tosca Musk, on the realities of running a specialist streaming service on multiple devices, including the big screen.

Download the Smart TV-focused white paper now and discover the following:

  • The rise in big-screen streaming and why Smart TV is essential for online streaming services.
  • How TV apps are developed to deliver an optimal end-user experience.
  • Case study that explores QR Codes and the Smart TV experience.
  • Q&A with Passionflix founder Tosca Musk

      And much more…

Download the white paper: Go big or stay small? Why the Smart TV experience is essential for online streaming services here.

Find out more about Magine Pro’s extensive library of technical resources and experienced team that enable our partners to deliver seamless streaming experiences on all devices, including the big screen, here. You can also head over to our experience page to learn more about our partners. 

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Magine Pro powers FlixOlé’s OTT partnership with Telefonica’s Movistar Plus+


Press release

Stockholm, December 14, 2022

Magine Pro powers FlixOlé’s OTT partnership with
Telefonica’s Movistar Plus+

FlixOlé, a major Spanish streaming service recently announced an expansion to their direct to consumer offering in partnership with Telefonica’s pay TV Movistar Plus+. Magine Pro in collaboration with FlixOlé and Telefonica, developed a custom set-top-box application for use on Movistar’s 4 Million Households.

Magine Pro has been the technology partner to Spanish movie streamer FlixOlé since its inception in 2018, delivering the end to end OTT platform & applications. Since the launch, the technical operation has involved other distribution and integration with partners such as CaixaBank, El Corte Inglés, Orange and Amazon Prime. This new integration with Movistar+ is by far the most advanced.

In addition to the FlixOlé set-top-box application, the integration also involves metadata integration, providing a unified search experience through the Movistar Plus+ platforms, and direct billing through the Movistar Plus+ Service, allowing Movistar Plus+ users to pay for the FlixOlé service through their Movistar Account.

“The main objective of the Magine Pro OTT platform is to be able to scale our partners’ services into successful growth. FlixOlé is a great example of this”, says Matthew Wilkinson, CEO of Magine. “The service has been very successful growing organically, taking the service step by step with additional distribution partners. The Movistar Plus+ integration is also an important step for us as a SaaS OTT platform, being able to take our partners into the most advanced integrations when they grow.”

“Magine Pro has been our close partner since we started our service and cooperation has made it easier for us to focus on content, marketing and distribution” says Sophie de Mac Mahon, CEO of FlixOlé. “They are key to our success, and we look forward to presenting the FlixOlé service to the Movistar Plus+ subscribers in the coming months thanks to this integration.”

About FlixOlé in Movistar Plus+
In step one the FlixOlé service will be available to Movistar Plus+ customers all over Spain equipped with a UHD decoder, by signing in or signing up through QR code to the website. In the next phase in coming months, new customers will be able to sign up for FlixOlé directly through the Movistar Plus+ platform.
The subscription service has a large library of Spanish movies including movies from directors such as José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Benito Perojo, Jaime de Armiñán, Juan A. Bardem, Luis Buñuel, Luis Gª Berlanga and Mariano Ozores as well as more recent titles from the likes of Álex de la Iglesia, Icíar Bollaín, Alejandro Amenábar, Carlos Saura, Gracia Querejeta, Isabel Coixet, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and Fernando León de Aranoa, alongside popular genres such as the quinqui cinema (cinema of delinquency) of the late ‘70s and ‘80s. The service also includes an extensive archive of RKO films including works by Orson Welles, Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock as well as westerns and European films, including classics of Italian post-war cinema.

About Magine Pro
Magine Pro is the platform for b2b managed services for OTT, which enables global and local content owners, broadcasters and telcos to build thriving OTT businesses with live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are proven, cost-efficient and scalable. Magine Pro’s customers are located in Europe and the United States, as well as in emerging markets.


For more information please contact
Håkan Tranvik, VP Communications, Magine +46709383293, hakan.tranvik@magine.com
Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine matthew.wilkinson@magine.com
Luke Boyle, CCO Magine luke.boyle@magine.com

Rodieo Play TV joins Magine Pro platform for SVOD Rodeo and Equestrian Sports

R2P TV joins the Magine Pro OTT platform for Rodeo and Equestrian Sports SVOD

Rodeio Play, Ride2Play, and TV Vaquejada are the largest platforms in Brazil for live Rodeo and equestrian sporting events with a large, loyal, and passionate audience. The three services are now joining forces and entering an agreement with Magine Pro as the technology partner to launch a new OTT service, ‘R2P TV’. The joint venture focuses on integrating live equestrian sports content into a single platform available via multi-screen devices, including big-screen TVs and mobile devices.

Magine Pro’s CEO, Matthew Wilkinson says of the technology partnership, “We are very happy to be a part of this extraordinary service that will offer Rodeo and equestrian fans a completely unique offer on the TV screen to the Brazil audience. This partnership is also an example of Magine Pro’s new growing foot print in Latin America with other Latin American services being being launched on our platform in coming months”

The R2P TV service will be available in the coming months to audiences across Brazil via subscription on web, mobile devices that support iOS and Android platforms, and big-screen viewing via Apple TV and Samsung TV.

The service is set to feature quality rodeo and equestrian sports content from Rodeio Play, TV Vaquejada and Ride2Play. Directors Roberto Ugolini Neto, Rodrigo Morais, and Agripino Leal say, “We are extremely happy to develop this pioneering project in Brazil, integrating all three services.”

R2P TV subscribers will be able to watch classic equestrian, barrel races, team penning, ranch sorting, reins (dressage), and Vaquejada – a popular sport from the northern region of Brazil that has garnered more than 42 million online views in the last six months.

About R2P TV 

The partnership between Rodeio Play, Ride2Play, and TV Vaquejada hails the launch of R2P TV.  R2P TV is a new digital streaming service hosted on Magine Pro’s OTT platform and will offer subscribers exclusive access to full-length live equestrian sports broadcasts.

The founding concept of the R2P TV service is to bring passionate fans of equestrian sports together on a single platform that guarantees quality live content to audiences across Brazil.

About Magine Pro (www.maginepro.com/about)

Magine Pro is the platform for b2b managed services for OTT, which enables global and local content owners, broadcasters and telcos to build thriving OTT businesses with live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are proven, cost-efficient and scalable.

Magine Pro’s customers are located in Europe and the United States, as well as in emerging markets.


For more information please contact

Håkan Tranvik, VP Communications, Magine hakan.tranvik@magine.com +46709383293  (will attend MIpcom for meetings and interviews)

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine matthew.wilkinson@magine.com

Luke Boyle, CCO Magine luke.boyle@magine.com

Guillermo Magana, Sales Director Latin America guillermo.magana@magine.com +1 818 253 9906

Latam streaming America Play GO signs deal with Magine Pro platform

Latam streaming service America Play Go signs deal with Swedish OTT platform Magine Pro 

The Swedish end-to-end OTT platform provider Magine Pro has stepped into the Latam market by entering an agreement with Colombian OTT service America Play Go, who will serve content and productions for the Ibero-American market, serving Video-On-Demand content to the Ibero-American market and with linear channels to follow shortly. The new service is currently scheduled to launch at the end of the year.

Magine Pro’s CEO, Matthew Wilkinson, says, “We are delighted to take this new step into the Latam market with Mr Rojas and his exciting new service America Play Go and look forward to the coming launch”. And adds, “This will be followed by other launches in the Latam region where we see a great potential for our streaming platform.”

Luis Carlos Rojas Mantilla; CEO of America Play Go, says: “We are enthusiastic about working with Magine Pro as an end-to-end technology provider”, adding, “it is great to work with the experienced Swedish company and their team, and we hope to inspire Ibero-American audiences and gain an important market share in the years to come”.

About Magine Pro (www.maginepro.com/about)

Magine Pro is the platform for b2b managed services for OTT, which enables global and local content owners, broadcasters and telcos to build thriving OTT businesses with live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are proven, cost-efficient and scalable.

Magine Pro’s customers are streaming services located in Europe, US and Latam market, including Flixolé, Passionflix, Draken, Paus, Cenobo, Nexo, Sappa and other service providers.

About America Play Go (www.americaplaygo.com)

America Play Go service offers audiences access to incredible independent Colombian and Latin American content, including series, movies, documentaries, dramas, anime, concerts, events, and linear channels.

The new service enables underrepresented professional content creators and independent productions to find and serve their audiences through a trusted and reliable streaming platform.

For more information, please contact

Magine Pro:

Håkan Tranvik, VP Communications, Magine +46709383293 hakan.tranvik@magine.com

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine matthew.wilkinson@magine.com

Guillermo Magana, Sales Director Latin America Magine guillermo.magana@magine.com

+1 818 253 9906

America Play Go:

Luis Carlos Rojas Mantilla, Director Ejecutivo (CEO) America Play, gerencia@americaplay.co

+57 321 5261205

Launched on Magine Pro: A Streaming service with Cinema in its DNA

Launched on Magine Pro: A Streaming service with Cinema in its DNA

acontra+, www.acontraplus.com,  the New Spanish streaming concept combining movie streaming and cinema tickets in a subscription, is launched on the Magine Pro platform.

The service is run by the independent Spanish distributor A Contracorriente Films with a wide catalogue of national and international feature films of all genres, classics and contemporary films and is made available through Magine Pro’s multi-platform service.

acontra+ is well positioned as the platform for the audience that wants to enjoy the big screen, for those who love to watch movies, both in theatres and at home.


The subscription also includes a monthly movie ticket

The new service maintains the spirit of collaboration with the many theatres around Spain that A Contracorriente Films’ earlier VOD service Sala Virtual de Cine had until now, offering a premium subscription model that includes a monthly movie ticket to its subscribers.

“We are a film distributor, and we have cinema in our DNA. The digital world is the best ally for the public who love cinema and want to continue watching it in theatres” says Eduardo Escudero, Partner and Business manager of A Contracorriente Films.


acontra+ content consists of a wide selection of cinema hits that are available through subscription, combined with exclusive premieres, TVOD and events

acontra+ has an excellent European and international catalogue, with a variety of genres and special emphasis on feel-good cinema, great cinema classics, genre films, family movies and films for all audiences, as well as art documentaries, operas and ballets. At the same time, it will offer exclusive simultaneous premieres, rental content and special events available via one-off purchases.


acontra+ is made available through Magine Pro on all major streaming platforms

acontra+ is a multi-platform service, both SVOD (video-on-demand by subscription) and TVOD (video-on-demand by transaction), which can be accessed via web browser, Apple iOS apps (iPhone and iPad), Apple TV, Google Android apps, the app for Android TV sets, Amazon Fire TV stick, LG TV App and Samsung Smart TV. It can also be shared from Airplay or Chromecast, and has the ability to view content offline via download on the devices.

“We are happy to be a part of this unique OTT concept with fantastic movie content streamed online combined with the great viewing experience you also get in the cinemas for all true movie lovers”, says Matthew Wilkinson, CEO of Magine Pro. “It is the best of two worlds in one offer, making films available on all major devices through Magine Pro and in the cinema theatres as an exclusive add-on.”

“Magine Pro is a full OTT provider. This has made our job so much easier because we didn’t have to rely on multiple providers for developing each device application. In one company we found the solution we needed, in a record time.” says Marta Carrasco, Head of acontra+.


About Magine Pro (www.maginepro.com/about)

Magine Pro is the platform for b2b managed services for OTT, which enables global and local content owners, broadcasters and telcos to build thriving OTT businesses with live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are proven, cost-efficient and scalable.

Magine Pro’s customers are located in Europe and the United States, as well as in emerging markets.


For more information please contact

Håkan Tranvik, VP Communications, Magine Pro +46709383293 hakan.tranvik@magine.com

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine Pro matthew.wilkinson@magine.com



CTV: How Connected TV can drive engagement & lifetime value for OTT

CTV (connected TV) has the capability to change viewer behaviour, drive engagement and increase lifetime value for OTT operators. In this blog, we explore how.

Online video streaming services have revolutionised how we all watch TV and movies. In the early days, marketing around these services focused heavily on the idea of cord-cutting, the freedom to watch what you want, when you want and wherever you are. You were no longer tied to the TV or house; you could catch up and stream your TV shows and movies on mobile devices anywhere. And although we all can watch ‘on the go’ (and most do), it hasn’t changed the fact we still enjoy the traditional TV experience. 

Consuming streaming video via TV was limited early on. As such, secondary streaming devices (gaming console, Chromecast, set-top boxes) were an easy add-on to access the latest apps without upgrading your TV. But, the user experience had friction and made the TV the secondary interface to content discovery; the TV was there purely to display the streaming video.

We’re now seeing major TV manufacturers take back ownership to remain the centre of home entertainment and content discovery. Samsung and LG are leading the market share with the next generation of connected TVs (48% in 2021 by revenue). In fact, according to Conviva’s state of streaming Q4 report 2021, big-screen viewing on smart TVs was up 37% from Q4 2020. And the report also highlighted a noticeable decrease in viewing from secondary streaming devices (games consoles, for example, saw a -16% reduction in viewing), confirming a change in behaviour as viewers opt for built-in capabilities.

How do Connected TV Applications change consumer behaviour?

Expanding the availability of streaming services to connected TV devices impacts how users engage with a streaming service and content. At Magine Pro, we enable our partners to expand to the big screen with streaming applications for LG & Samsung devices. Based on an analysis of our partner data, here are some insights into the impact connected tv applications have on user behaviour.

  • Increasing viewing time & engagementAnalysis of a Magine Pro’s partner 2021 data shows that users with an LG/Samsung TV watched on average between 19% and 54% more hours of video, compared to users that didn’t watch on those devices (this range is likely due to type of service, some seasonality impacts and other factors).
  • Therefore it’s not surprising that with an increase in user engagement and viewed hours per user, we’re also seeing a 12%-14% increase in the customer lifetime of the same user cohort that views content on LG & Samsung devices.
  • The overall data also shows that total viewed hours across all users on LG & Samsung also increased by +7%.
  • Increase Audience Reach – With LG and Samsung taking 48% revenue market share of TV devices in 2021, it’s no surprise that adding Apps to these TV devices will give you a much larger audience reach as they become de-facto TV’s in the home.

Magine Pro Connected TV applications UIMagine Pro’s premium applications for Samsung & LG Smart TV Devices

Magine Pro has developed premium streaming applications for Samsung & LG Smart TV Devices for the last six years, allowing our video streaming services to reach audiences globally through custom applications. 

Our partners that operate Magine Pro built video streaming services, including big-screen applications, benefit from:

  • Access to Magine Pro’s CMS Console, enabling partners to independently curate and publish content, make application configuration changes, apply branding and design to their service and more.
  • Support for movies, series and episodes, and live events with ‘Continue Watching’ and ‘My Watchlist’ across user accounts. 
  • Custom menus & setup per TV Manufacturer.
  • Support for multiple stereo, 5.1 & subtitling tracks allowing for language localisation.
  • Geo-targeting of content, enabling our partners to determine releases in each country.
  • Complete language localisation allows viewers to consume the service in their local language.
  • Analytics, allowing for insights on service consumption on all applications.



Get in touch if you want to find out more about our connected TV portfolio, which is fast to release, and where Magine Pro takes care of all of the software updates, bug fixes and new product features. 


To learn more about Magine Pro’s video streaming services that are accessible via the web, mobile devices and Connected TVs get in touch. You can also head over to our experience page to find out more about our partners. And sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our latest news, partners and blog post.