OTT Content strategy: the secret to streaming success

It’s no secret that content can make or break the success of an OTT service. Viewers have more choices than ever before, so you can’t expect subscribers to stick around if you don’t offer the content they want to watch (or enough of it). Putting an OTT content strategy in place is important for every video service that hopes to see positive subscriber growth.

What is a content strategy?

It’s essentially focusing on the planning, creation, and delivery of your content, whether it’s video content for your service or copy for your website and marketing channels. It boils down to asking yourself what content you should be producing or buying for your video streaming service and why? 

The goal is to offer sustainable, high-quality content that engages your viewers. The content you provide should ultimately inspire them to act, whether that’s to subscribe/purchase or return regularly to watch more.  

Content strategy starting points

Here are a few things to consider before you begin outlining your OTT content strategy:

  • Define your end goal: How can an OTT content strategy improve your streaming service? Before you begin mapping out, figure out what you want to achieve. Do you want to see an increase in subscriber numbers, for example? Reduce churn? Or, have it help inform your decisions around content acquisition or production? Knowing your end goal will help you devise a strategy that can meet it.
  • Audit your content: Before you begin making plans to produce or purchase more content, review what you already have. What are your viewers watching? How long are they watching for? Are they engaging with content through other channels such as social? Understanding what content is already working and why will help you decide what you need more of or what needs to change.
  • Strategy & Planning: Your OTT content strategy should always align with your communications and marketing strategies. Planning for content production/purchases is important but your timeline for release should be carefully considered. For example, some content may be topical and worth waiting to release until relevant. Regardless, you should always align new content releases with your marketing plans to boost its chances of discovery online.
  • Maintain & Track: Continually review your content strategy throughout the year and be ready to adapt and make changes. Most importantly, keep reviewing your library and track what content is working. Global services should also consider location – some content may show low viewing numbers overall but could be particularly popular in some parts of the world. 

For more guidance, check out our
Top 5 Content Strategy Tips. You can also find out more about Magine Pro video streaming services, and in particular how we can help you build your own successful OTT service, here

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Top 5 OTT Content Strategy Tips

Planning to build your own OTT service now or in the new year? Check out our top 5 content strategy tips that can help you prepare for launch:

1. Get to know your target audience

Identifying your target audience may not be an obvious content strategy tip, but it’s important nonetheless. Before you should even begin to consider creating content or securing rights to some, get to know your audience. Understanding your key demographic’s interests and viewing habits will help you create a much stronger content strategy. It can inform decisions regarding the type of content you should invest in, when and what time to release it and the best marketing channels to promote through.

2. Offer Unique content

Subscribers are signing up to more than just one OTT service these days as their appetite for high-quality and original content increases. In fact, Digital TV Europe’s 2018 annual survey revealed 62.9% of respondents agreed original content that’s not available elsewhere is the most compelling reason to sign up to an OTT service in the first place.

To attract potential subscribers, offer content they won’t find as easily elsewhere. We’ve seen this work particularly well with our own partners, Passionflix which provides exclusive and original romantic content and True Royalty, an SVOD service dedicated to premium royalty related content.

3. Be original

You don’t have to produce your own content for it to be original. Secure rights to original content with content owners instead. Try exploring markets that are often overlooked, such as local or regional content for expats and niche sports content that’s not being widely distributed. Don’t rule out purchasing the rights for older content that can be digitized either. Our partner FlixOlé is home to Spanish cinema and features new as well as classic movies that are particularly popular with their subscribers.

4. Promote your content

No matter how great your content offering, if it isn’t easy to discover, you won’t see the viewing figures you expect. To get a good return on your content investment, carefully consider how and where you promote it, both in and outside of your service.
Our partners are able to promote new and old content in their Magine Pro Pioneer and Premium services wherever and whenever they like. Our templated OTT solutions can be customized via the Console, enabling them to independently curate featured content on the start page and even content categories.
Promoting content outside of the service is equally as important. Create an engaging communication strategy that maximizes your marketing channels and don’t overlook SEO. Content metadata that is SEO optimized is a great way to boost awareness and traffic. Potential customers, for example, could find your service simply by searching online for a particular TV show or movie.

5. Keep things fresh

Even those that launch with a large library of content should refresh their service at regular intervals. Updating your service with new content not only encourages user engagement but also helps to reduce churn. Frequent changes give users a reason to return regularly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in new content. Promoting older content that has previously been overlooked is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your OTT service without incurring any additional costs. Magine Pro partners can do this independently using the Console, which gives them control over content positioning within their service.


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