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As more viewers sign up to services looking to watch what they want and when they want, VOD content, in particular, is in high demand. Our latest ebook looks at how content owners can maximise and successfully monetize their library, highlighting the benefits of launching a film-focused video streaming service today.

Check it out to find out what effect COVID-19 has had on the film industry so far and what it might mean for the future of cinema and OTT. We also explore the best-suited monetization models for film and how streaming operators can better engage film fans in discovery.

Download the eBook: Film OTT: The ultimate guide to launching a successful film-focused streaming service here.

You can also check out our recent white paper, OTT Discovery: How to stand amongst out from the crowd, where we explore what new streaming services can do to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition. The white paper also features original research by analysts at Omdia, looking at how today’s consumers discover content and new online streaming services and partner case studies that focus on their in-market experiences.

To find out more about Magine Pro’s OTT partners, head to our experience page. In addition, you can find out more about our flexible OTT solutions and how we can help you build and launch a successful film-focused OTT business here.

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Introducing Sala Virtual de Cine by Magine Pro

Meet our latest partner, Sala Virtual de Cine. The Spanish TVOD film service collaborates with cinemas to complement their traditional business, by premiering the latest films simultaneously with theatres or just after their theatrical release. They also operate a unique revenue share model with cinemas, enabling Sala Virtual de Cine users to select a local cinema to support during the registration process.

Spanish film distributor and production company, A Contracorriente Films, launched online streaming platform Sala Virtual de Cine in early 2020. They recently partnered with us looking to change their platform provider, expand the service and improve overall quality.

We have now securely ingested their content, migrated existing users onto the new platform and scaled the service onto more applications, including web, iOS, Android, LG, Samsung TV and Amazon Fire. We’ve also enabled user segmentation, allowing Sala Virtual de Cine to provide exclusive access to select films for journalists, academics and schools and facilitated their revenue share model with cinemas.

“It has been a pleasure to increase the capabilities of SVdC with the wonderful team of Magine Pro. They have understood what our needs are from the very first moment. SVdC is an opportunity for cinemas to reach their audiences wherever they are, so fans of movies across all of Spain, when unable to have the best experience of the biggest screen, can still view the newest releases and their favourite films at their homes, thanks to SVdC,” said Eduardo Escudero, business manager, A Contracorriente Films.

Check out our case study to find out how we leveraged our OTT platform to migrate and scale Sala Virtual de Cine securely.

Take a sneak peek at Sala Virtual de Cine…

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