A Spanish online movie platform offering unlimited access to hundreds of Spanish films of all genres on multiple devices.

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    FlixOlé is a subscription VOD service that unites Spanish cinema lovers around the world. The service is home to an extensive library of Spanish film, including digitally restored classics, and also features a collection of European and American movies. FlixOlé is available to subscribers worldwide on multiple devices.


    One of the world’s largest Spanish movie libraries, Dinamedia sought a partnership with Magine Pro to launch a global subscription video-on-demand service that could securely house their extensive library of Spanish films and be available to international audiences on multiple devices.


  • Leverage Magine Pro’s proven platform and create a FlixOlé branded SVOD service that is available on on web, iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Samsung Tizen and LG.
  • Ingest, transcode and protect all VOD content using Magine Pro’s multivariate DRM platform and enable FlixOlé to upload all future content via the CMS Console.
  • Facilitate a 14-day free trial period and set up a secure payment system to ease onboarding for FlixOlé subscribers, supported by web, Apple Store and Google Play. Additionally enable in-app purchases through Android, iOS and Amazon Fire.
  • Facilitate platform integration with the Spanish department store, El Corte Inglés website, enabling their customers to access FlixOlé and an exclusive three-months free promotion.
  • Enable promotions to support FlixOlé’s partnership with CaixaBank, where customers who signed up for loans received a Smart TV and a FlixOlé subscription at a discounted rate.
  • Provide secure access to the Magine Pro CMS Console, an extensive web-based management tool that allows FlixOlé to curate their service, content categories, artwork and edit metadata. The Console also enables FlixOlé to manage user accounts and get comprehensive insights into user behaviour, service usage, and operational analytics.
  • Leverage Magine’s cloud infrastructure and CDN provisioning network to enable FlixOlé to expand quickly into new global markets and provide high-quality streams to all requesting devices.
  • Enable integration with Just Watch, an online streaming guide and search tool that enables users to discover FlixOlé and its content outside the service.
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    Dinamedia partnered with Magine Pro and launched the first FlixOlé app for Samsung Tizen within two weeks, followed shortly after by the web-service, iOS and Android apps. The subscription-based VOD service offers customers worldwide a 14-day free trial period, supports in-app purchases and promotional offers.

    Magine Pro has also facilitated promotional tools and platform integrations with CaixaBank and Spanish department store, El Corte Inglés, enabling FlixOlé to execute agreed marketing campaigns and offer exclusive promotions to their customers.

    Magine Pro’s CMS Console enables FlixOlé to curate a dynamic interface and experience for their users. They can independently ingest content, apply their branding, curate the start page, content categories and add custom editorial and metadata. The FlixOlé service is also integrated with JustWatch to enhance service and content discovery outside of the web service and app.

    FlixOlé offers unlimited access to hundreds of Spanish films titles, covering all genres and is available to download now on multiple devices worldwide.


    There is a huge market for an aggregated service for Spanish movies, and together with Magine Pro we now see an opportunity to use our global rights for our Spanish movie library, to be viewed on any smart TVs and mobile screens all around the world.

    -Sophie de Mac Mahon, CEO at Dinamedia


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