OTT White Paper

Go big or stay small?

Why the Smart TV experience is essential for online streaming services

Today, online video streaming services are an essential part of all our lives. Viewers expect access to vast libraries of content at the touch of a button, and whilst many may watch on mobile devices, it doesn’t match the big-screen TV experience for most. Subsequently, TV manufacturers have invested more resources into Smart TV or Connected TV technology and, as a result, are changing how subscribers of online streaming services experience entertainment.

In this white paper, we explore why Magine Pro is best positioned to help OTT operators capitalise on the big-screen experience, enabling them to reach more viewers and grow their OTT business. In addition, we discuss why offering native Smart TV apps is essential for online streaming services. We also dive into the complexities of building TV apps, including how we at Magine Pro can enable big screens for our partners and their end users. And share insights from one of our partners, Passionflix founder Tosca Musk, on the realities of running a specialist streaming service on multiple devices, including the big screen.

Download the white paper now and discover:

  • The rise in big-screen streaming and why Smart TV is essential for online streaming services.
  • How TV apps are developed to deliver an optimal end-user experience.
  • Case study that explores QR Codes and the Smart TV experience.
  • Q&A with Passionflix founder Tosca Musk
  • And much more…

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