VOD Encoding & Quality Assurance

Prepare video files for distribution

We can prepare your VOD source files for distribution with our encoding and quality assurance services. Our proven process ensures your video content is viewable in high-quality on all platforms and devices, including computer, tablet, and mobile.
Video, subtitle, artwork and metadata ingest and adjustment for the Magine Pro platform.
Creation of Mezzanine files and sync of audio, video and subtitle.

Services include:

  • High scale video transcoding
  • Syncing video/audio/subtitles
  • Dub processing
  • File/Tape/DVD/Bluray ingest
  • Automated or manually workflow
  • Create and edit metadata
  • Quality check before publishing
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    We also provide a storage and backup add-on service for VOD master files, enabling you to re-transcode VOD source files if needed for other platform formats such as Amazon Prime Video.


    Archiving the master files in the Magine Digital Archive.
    Everyday backup to external storage and user access for uploading/downloading content.

    Transcoding & Metadata Process :

    Magine Media Asset Management System
    Ingest and encode files, package of video, audio, subtitle, metadata and artwork ready for delivery to any platform.

    Prepare your Video

    Get in touch to find out more about our encoding and quality assurance services. We can prepare your video content for distibution today.