Thematic OTT Video Services


Thematic services: the future of OTT?

As the conversation and interest around thematic OTT services increases, we sought to discover how these specialist services stack up and how they can compete in a world of giants.

In this white paper, we explore the rise of thematic OTT services and outline the opportunities and challenges they face. The white paper includes:

  • Original research by Omdia into the rise of thematic streaming services, including forecasts on revenue and consumption.
  • Results from Digital TV Europe’s Annual Industry survey 2020, featuring industry opinion of the relative appeal of specialist streaming.
  • How strategic marketing and technical agility can enable thematic services to penetrate global markets and build a sustainable business.
  • Expert opinion on the future of thematic OTT services, including the market opportunities and challenges they face.
  • Case studies and special insight from Magine Pro partner, FlixOlé on the realities of operating a thematic OTT service.
  • and much more...
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