Magine Pro’s top 5 platform updates you need to know about!

At Magine Pro, we’re constantly working on new ways to improve our tech and OTT platform. It’s our priority to ensure our partners can provide a seamless video streaming experience by utilising all the latest technical innovations and tools available in the market. Most importantly, we base all our product enhancements on data and learning provided by our partner services, alongside client and customer feedback.

In 2019, we made a whole host of platform updates and enhancements. Take a look at our top five that have improved our OTT offering in the past year:  


Dynamic Ads Insertion in Live stream

Our partners are now able to serve dynamic ads on Live channels without relying on VAST tags. This means ads are dynamically transcoded within the live stream so it no longer requires ad integration and can’t be dismissed by ad blockers. Ads are also targeted and served independently.

TVOD expansion for monetization

We expanded our TVOD offering, which means our partners have more options available when it comes to monetizing their content. Business models now include Free, Recurring, Non-Recurring, Pay-Per-View, Unlimited, as well as new options such as Default, Pass and 3rd party. 

Expanded support for live events 

We also extended the content catalogue and monetization opportunities for our partners who offer Live events. Live events can now be categorized separately in their service to VOD or linear content, which makes it much easier for their users to select and purchase a single or set of Live events.

Marketing campaigns & developing Reseller partnerships

We’ve made it easier for our partners to set up marketing campaigns that allow new users to access their service without having to input their payment details upfront. Our partners can now link service access to marketing campaigns such as redemption of gift cards, promotional codes, and coupons, etc.
Our partners are also able to acquire new paid users from 3rd party solutions that resell their subscriptions.

Customising services via the Magine Pro Console

We’ve also expanded the level of customisation our partners can make to their services via our own CMS, the Magine Pro Console. Our partners now have more control to fully customize their service with a simple pick and choose tool. Service look & feel, content customized highlight, content engagement options, user access settings, 3rd party solutions integration… and much more.


In addition to these, we’ve also enhanced related content, web apps integration, parental control, dynamic links and in-app and cloud messaging among other things. If you would like to learn more about our platform updates, please get in touch. You can also find out more about Magine Pro video streaming services, and in particular how we can help you build your own OTT business, here. Head to our experience page to see our case studies and learn more about how we’ve helped our partners build successful and global OTT businesses.

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