Global Content Ingestion & Distribution

Deliver your Live, Linear and VOD content to viewers around the world

Go Global!

Our video services enable you to deliver your Live events, Linear and VOD content to viewers anywhere in the world, on any device. Our content ingestion and delivery architecture is reliable, robust and proven.

We provide our partners with all the services and support they need to seamlessly deliver their content to audiences everywhere.

Localisation & Language

We fully support localisation of global OTT services. Magine Pro services can be localised to support all languages, which includes translated metadata for content descriptions and categories as well as translated automated customer comms for onboarding, customer account updates and more. Services can also be adapted for Right To Left reading in select markets.

Audio & Subtitles

At Magine Pro we can ingest and support multiple audio and subtitle tracks per video when available.
  • Multiple Stereo and 5.1 Audio Tracks per Video
  • Multiple Subtitle Tracks Per Video
  • Metadata & Application Localisation
  • Rapid Content Ingestion

    Our scalable and high-performing content ingestion framework means we can get your service up and running in no time. You can independently update your service with new VOD content via the Magine Pro Console, and we’ll take care of your live events and linear TV channel ingestion for you. We can ingest content from anywhere and operate teleport and ingest sites around the world.

    We ingest live events and linear channels via:

  • Satellite feed
  • Terrestrial feed
  • Streamed over public networks in RTMP, RTSP, HLS, Smoothstream or MPEG-TS over UDP
  • Upload VOD content into your service through the Magine Pro Console or via bulk upload to the Magine Pro Amazon Web Services S3 Buckets.

    We also provide encoding and quality assurance services for VOD source files, including high-scale video transcoding, syncing video/audio/subtitles and tape/DVD/Bluray ingest.

    Security First

    We ensure you content is secure and use digital rights management (DRM) protection that’s approved by all major Hollywood studios. We can also provide VPN and geo-blocking for your service or restricted content based on IP addresses and geo-location.
    DRM powered by

    CDNs & Global Delivery

    We deliver high-quality streams to viewers everywhere. Our optimal delivery pipeline reduces traffic costs and provides a proven framework for global streaming of Live, Linear and VOD content. We partner with global CDN providers such as Cloudfront, Akamai, Limelight and others to ensure a robust and reliable delivery to all requesting customer devices around the world.

    Launch your OTT Platform

    Find out more about our branded OTT platforms and services and we’ll help you get started.

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